MAXPRO® VMS & NVR Software Support Agreement (SSA) FAQs - EMEA 

Software Support Agreement, or SSA, is the service to protect Honeywell dealers’ investments and ensure their customers have the latest Honeywell software releases to minimize dealers’ support costs. Honeywell is refreshing the Software Support Agreement program with MAXPRO VMS R600 and NVR 6.0 release for North America and launching it first time for EMEA.
An SSA will be mandatory for customers to upgrade from MAXPRO VMS R600 and MAXPRO NVR R6.0. If any customer who has MAXPRO VMS R560 and below wants to upgrade to R600 they will need to purchase the SSA to upgrade their software.
All new MAXPRO VMS and NVR customers who buy the MAXPRO Software / hardware will be entitled to a12 month free SSA from the date of their order (the date of license creation in practice). The MAXPRO SSA will be different from hardware warranty offered on the NVR, which will continue as 3 or 5 years based on the NVR you purchase. MAXPRO NVR hardware XE/SE 3 Years , PE 5 years for hardware warranty.
Benefits with Standard SSA:
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • Extended Access to In-Country Application Engineers
  • Priority queue for 1st line support
  • Scheduled support calls
  • Discounted On-site support
  • Discounted On-Site System Optimization
  • Remote System Diagnostics
  • Remote SQL Database Clean-up/Maintenance
  • Scheduled Remote system health checks
Please refer to MAXPRO SSA brochure for details
Dealers can buy the SSAs for end user sites.
Existing customers who want to upgrade to the latest R600 version would need to purchase the SSA from their dealer. The new SSA would be valid for a period of 12 months and renewed annually.
Yes, you can purchase a multi year SSA and receive the benefit of no price increases over the contract period.
With a valid SSA Honeywell will continue to provide standard support on the older versions for 2.5 years from the date of release. Standard support is available at prevailing Time and Materials rates, with best effort telephone technical support during our normal support hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Older MAXPRO software versions will be compatible with at least 3 newer release versions before end of support. For example,
  • MAXPRO R560 & NVR 5.6 Release : June 2019
  • MAXPRO R560 & NVR 5.6 end of Support : Dec 2021
After the end of support date, the release version would not be supported by Honeywell and customers will be advised to upgrade to the latest version to get technical support from Honeywell.
Customers upgrading to the latest version will benefit from all the new features available in the new release.
The MAXPRO NVR SSA will be charged per channel of the NVR Software (from 4 channel to 128 channel), and PE, SE and XE turnkey boxes (from 8-channel to 128-channel); The MAXPRO VMS SSA will be charged per base VMS license of different types (Lite, Standard, Standard with Redundancy). There are no additional SSA charges on channel counts of MAXPRO VMS managing MAXPRO NVRs.
Please refer to Appendix I for detailed SSA part numbers.
As MAXPRO NVR SSA is based on the channel count supported by each NVR, the customer is required to place an order based on the total channel counts of all the NVRs (including redundant NVRs for N+M failover) to be covered by the SSA. For examples,
1. (64) SSAMPNVRCH need to be included in the order for one-year Standard SSA of a 64-channel NVR (whether it is an NVR SE HNMSE64C60, or a NVR PE HNMPE64C96T8, or NVR Software MPNVR64) or two 32-channel NVRs).
2. (320) SSAMPNVRCH need to be included in the order for
  • one-year Standard SSA of five 64-channel NVRs (no matter how many of them are used for failover)
  • or ten 32-channel NVRs (no matter how many of them are used for failover)
  • or a mix of six 32-channel NVRs and two 64-channel NVRs, etc.
As MAXPRO Viewer is a freeware software, we DO NOT charge for an SSA for MAXPRO Viewer and Viewer is also not covered by MAXPRO VMS or NVR SSA. Customers still need to purchase an SSA for MAXPRO NVRs working with the free MAXPRO Viewer.
There will be no changes in MAXPRO VMS and NVR software licenses. Honeywell team will configure # of years of SSA period (month & year field) as part of the entitlement based on the SSA part numbers specified on the customer’s PO (default 1-year free SSA if no SSA parts purchased upfront). SSA takes effect when the customer creates the license (Voucher ID) on the web portal of Honeywell Software Licensing Delivery Tool (HSLDT), and SSA expiry month and year can be found in the License Management Console of MAXPRO VMS/NVR Client.
Instead of full license pre-loaded with software version 5.6 (or earlier) on MAXPRO NVR PE/SE/XE boxes, new NVR PE/SE/XE pre-loaded with software version 6.0 will start with a 60-day demo license with a sticker printed with PO (Purchase Order) and SO (Sales Order) numbers.
The customers will have to log on Honeywell Software Licensing Delivery Tool (HSLDT) with their accounts and create the license that they are entitled with the PO and SO, by filling in end user site information. After uploading the HID file of their NVR box, a certificate (.cert) file will be generated for installation of a perpetural licnese in the NVR. The 1-year free SSA will take effect when the license is created in HSLDT.
The customers with old MAXPRO VMS and NVR versions will have two options to either purchase the SSA and enjoy the support and other benefits or they can continue using existing software of R560/5.6 or earlier version. Honeywell will continue providing standard support of the existing version for 3 years from date of release after which the support will be discontinued.
Standard support is available at prevailing Time and Materials rates, with best effort telephone technical support during our normal support hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
Honeywell inside sales team will contact registered dealers to purchase/renew their MAXPRO VMS/NVR SSA 1-3 months before their existing SSA expires. Customers can also find their SSA expiry month and year in the License Management Console of MAXPRO VMS/NVR Client after installing/upgrading to R600/6.0, in order to contact Honeywell customer support in advance of their expiration date. (Note this SSA expiry field is only for reference and may not change until the next license upgrade.

The customers with an expired SSA can continue using their existing MAXPRO VMS / NVR with Honeywell standard support available at prevailing Time and Materials rates, including best effort telephone technical support during our normal support hours, Monday through Friday, until 2.5 years from the date of the existing version release after which the support on the older version will be ended. However, software upgrades, priority and dedicated technical support, discounted on-site services and all the other SSA benefits will not be available.
The existing customers who have downloaded the latest version R600/R6.0 (and above) without an SSA will get 90 days to purchase the upgrade license, during which their existing configurations and data are kept as is, but VMS/NVR license becomes a 90-day demo license, until the new license is obtained through an SSA purchase.
Customers can purchase an SSA, and decide to upgrade to the latest version of software anytime before the SSA expiration. Honeywell will send the new software and entitle their account with the upgrade license upon their request.
Software Support Agreement is a standard offering provided by most OEMs for their software solutions. Our competitors charge SSA from Day 1 unlike Honeywell who provides it free for the first 12 months when new software is purchased. Top VMS and Systems NVR OEM;s charge from 15~20% of the software cost for anAnnual SSA.

MAXPRO VMS of version R600 or later and MAXPRO NVR of version 6.0 or later that are not on an active SSA will be charged a reinstatement fee (if not renewed within 90 days of the expiration date).
If you wish to purchase SSA coverage for systems not currently covered, those systems may be subject to an additional charge for upgrades to the latest software version prior to commencement of coverage or to bridge any uncovered time since the previous software support agreement is expired.
Customers with VMS/NVR purchased within one year from the time submitting an upgrade request is still covered by the default 1-year SSA, and need to register their sites with a new license generated in HSLDT for new R600/6.0 software. Customers with VMS/NVR version older than R600/6.0 and purchased more than one year ago just need to purchase a 1-year SSA to upgrade to R600/6.0. Software that is not currently under an SSA will be charged a reinstatement fee as well as the SSA fee (if existing SSA has been expired more than 90 days).
Customers with MAXPRO VMS/NVR needs to provide Honeywell customer service with the original PO number (for individual/multiple machines to upgrade) or Voucher Number of each VMS server and NVR (which can be found in license management console of VMS/NVR client), so that Honeywell customer service team can easily identify the licenses associated to the VMS/NVR the customer possesses and generate a new entitlement of the same license.
Other information like NVR hardware, serial number and screenshot of license management console can also be helpful.

Honeywell decided to stop pre-licensing MAXPRO NVR PE/SE/XE from 6.0 because of the difficulty to provide best support to dealers and integrators often due to lack of application environment details (e.g. number of recorders, clients and cameras, with/without VMS on the same site, etc.) and requests all MAXPRO NVR and VMS product license managed with Honeywell Software Licensing Delivery Tool (HSLDT) globally.
With customer site information registered during license generation on HSLDT, Honeywell team will be able to respond to customer requests more efficiently and provide product support more relevant to application environment.
HSLDT is also a free online portal for Honeywell dealers and integrators with an SSA to manage and serve their end user sites more efficiently.
For regions outside North America not having used HSLDT before, dealers and integrators now can enjoy a similar self-service licensing experience as North American customers to obtain licenses and cert files by themselves or local Honeywell team having an HSLDT account, instead of sending and forwarding HID files, voucher numbers, and cert files among multiple parties by Email where errors are frequently introduced.

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